Point S Launches its New, Even More Efficient Summer Tyre

Point S, the global tyre and car maintenance specialist, is launching the new version of its summer tyre, which is even more efficient, offering greater safety and longevity. And which, for the occasion, is changing its name. The brand has decided to name its own brand “Point S Tyres” and the range will include “Summer”, “Winter” and “4 Seasons” tyres.

An investment in R&D to guarantee high performance:

The new “Summer” tyre announced by Point S is an even more powerful version than the previous version, the Summerstar 3+, which was already acclaimed by customers for its good handling and its reliability. The result of long research and development work, the new the tyre is now ready for distribution in the European, African and Asian markets.

The summer tyre meets precise specifications in accordance with the expectations of European motorists and new technical developments in car fleet markets:

  • More Economical: 7% optimised rolling resistance and 5% more mileage compared to the Summerstar 3+.
  • Safer: the braking distance on wet roads is also better by 3% and the risk of aquaplaning is similarly reduced while there has also been an improvement in braking in dry conditions.


These improvements to the “Point S Tyres” Summer tyre puts it at the cutting edge of technology. Point S fulfills its objective: to guarantee ever more quality, safety, economy and driving comfort for motorists.


These attributes allow the entire range to obtain a rating of “B” in the European 2020/740 label, measuring braking performance on wet roads.