Construction and other special vehicles at COMTRANS 2021

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Every two years almost 20 000 fleet owners and operators come to Moscow for visiting COMTRANS – the largest and most attended commercial vehicle event in Russia and Eastern Europe. The buyers visiting COMTRANS have a traditionally strong interest in trucks, trailers, buses, and LCVs.

Also, in the last three years, there is a visible and growing demand for construction and other special vehicles. COMTRANS 2019 visitor data show that 34% of trade visitors stated their needs for such vehicles, and this gives exhibiting OEMs more than 5 000 potential leads.

Following these buyers’ demand, COMTRANS is pleased to announce a special programme, motivating OEMs to enrich their exhibited product lineup, adding to traditional trucks and vans more construction and other special vehicles.

Joining this initiative, the exhibitors will have an opportunity to strengthen their brand positioning, get new clients and boost sales of special models for construction, public utility, and other promising industry sectors.

The COMTRANS team will support this initiative by expanding the geography and content of the 2021 visitor promotion campaign, adding a special focus on inviting owners and operators of construction and special vehicle fleets from the largest cities and regions of Russian Federation.

This new enlargement will help to expand the COMTRANS audience, make the content of the exhibition more interesting and attractive for buyers, and strengthen the leading position of the show as the major and a must-visit event for the automotive and commercial transport community in Russia and the neighbor countries.

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