Turkish BMC to export 320 CNG buses to Azerbaijan

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BMC which is one of the largest commercial vehicle manufacturers in Turkey, will export new buses to Azerbaijan. During the official visit of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to Azerbaijan, after the joint press conference held with the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, agreements in various fields have been signed. One of these agreements was made between BMC and BNA as a result of the tender made by Baku Transport Agency for the delivery of 320 compressed natural gas buses (CNG) to Baku in 2021. BMC Azerbaycana will carry out the bus export.

The order concerns the NeoCity series from BMC with a Man Euro 6 CNG engine, a Voith Diwa6 automatic gearbox and a front axle with independent supension from Brist which supplies also the rear portal axle. In the 9 metre bus 29 people can be seated (incl. 4 Tip-up Seats). BNA delegation visited BMC İzmir Pınarbaşı Facilities immediately after the signing of the agreement. The delegation examined and tested the BMC buses in place. BMC Board Member Taha Yasin Öztürk and Head of the BNA Vusal Kerimli, during the visit, planted olive trees as symbols of peace and victory for memory of the Karabağ Victory with the slogan “Healthy Future and Eternal Brotherhood”. BMC Buses was awarded with the “Busworld Awards 2017 Best Design Award” by Busworld Academy during the Busworld Europe 2017 Fair.

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