10 years of Krone plant in Tire (Türkiye) Further growth in the anniversary year

This year, Krone is celebrating the tenth anniversary of the Krone plant in Tire (Türkiye), about 60 km south of the provincial capital Izmir.

With this location, which complements the international production network, Krone underlines its geostrategic approach. In addition to the high-volume Turkish home market, the Tire plant supplies 31 different countries in Europe, the Middle and Far East, Africa and South America. The export share in 2022 was around 63 percent.

The plant was officially inaugurated on 19 March 2013, with production start-up beginning as early as 2012. At that time, just under 100 employees were working on the 187,405 m2 site, producing five to eight trailers a day, depending on the order volume. Since then, the Krone site near the eastern Mediterranean has grown continuously: in 2022, 5,500 trailers were produced here, and the target for 2023 is 7,000 units. Currently, more than 500 people are employed in Tire. In addition to the Profi Liner and Mega Liner platform semi-trailers, the Box Liner container chassis is produced in Tire.

In 2023, Krone completely modernised the 5,000 m2 production hall, and in May the 4,800 m2 new chassis production facility was put into operation. Currently, the plant has a total area of 229.000 m2. Based on these investments, Krone plans to ramp up production at the Tire plant to 10,000 units annually by 2026.

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