H.Essers expands in Middle East

The joint venture will operate both onshore and offshore out of Dubai, under the name of H.Essers-Kanoo Logistics.

“We will hold the majority stake in the new enterprise, and so will be responsible for the operational and commercial management, with Kanoo’s support,” H.Essers said in a statement.

“The geographical location, local experience and logistical expertise of Kanoo were key factors in our choice for this joint venture.

“In addition, Kanoo is also seeking to further evolve in our strategic market and has already set up some interesting and solid joint venture business structures with chemical companies such as Akzo Nobel and BASF.”

H.Essers will first use a 7,000m2 warehouse belonging to Kanoo before moving ‘in the near future’ to a new warehouse that is fully equipped to Western standards for hazardous goods.

“Together with Kanoo, we will be responsible for the entire supply chain, which our customers will be able to track from start to finish: air and sea freight from Europe to the Middle East (and vice versa), air and sea freight from Dubai to the rest of the region, goods clearance, port handling, warehousing, value-added activities, transport and distribution,” the company said.

Day-to-day operations will be run by H.Essers’ WMS system, which is already operational in Dubai.

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