CES 2021: NGK to showcase its innovative power source EnerCera for maintenance-free IoT applications

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NGK INSULATORS, LTD. (“NGK”) to showcase the EnerCera® Battery, an innovative power source which is expected to contribute to maintenance-free solutions for IoT devices.At CES2021, NGK will present a variety of maintenance free IoT applications featuring the EnerCera battery series, including wearable devices, real time location system, integration with power supply technology.The EnerCera battery is a compact, thin, high energy density, high power lithium-ion rechargeable battery with high heat resistance characteristics.“At this year’s CES, we are looking forward to discussions with IoT engineers and battery system developers,” said NGK’s Vice President Iwao Ohwada.

Outline of CES 2021  January 11: Exclusive media-only access January 12-13: Exhibitor showcase and conference programming January 14.

Partner conference programming*Please register and log in to CES 2021 in order to view our virtual showcase.*Digital venue remains open for meetings and viewing content from  January 15  to February 15.

Showcase the EnerCera battery applications:For power supply technologyEnerCera battery together with various power supply technologies, such as energy harvesting or wireless power transfer, supports realizing maintenance-free IoT devices.For tracking devicesThin, bendable EnerCera pouch type battery can be used for applications such as tracking devices, sensor tags, Electronic Shelf Label and many others.For automotive and industrial applicationsEnerCerabattery is the world’s first lithium-ion battery achieving an operating temperature of 105C. It will open up new applications in high temperature environment.

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