Commercial Vehicle Show: Kögel exhibits Mega with FlexiUse body

The highly stable frame has a sophisticated cross beam arrangement for the transport of heavy loads and use in a very wide variety of road conditions, daily loading operations, and extreme conditions. The floor load-bearing capacity can bear high fork-lift axle loads of up to 7.2 tons. The Kögel Mega also offers a low tare weight. The empty trailer with its basic equipment weighs as little as approx. 6,300 kilogrammes. This makes it ideally suited for payload-intensive transport.

Variable FlexiUse body for a wide range of applications

A modular system also makes it possible to use the familiar variable body from the Kögel FlexiUse with the Mega.

The body includes six front settings, each adjustable by 50 mm, and four rear settings, each adjustable by 50 mm. This means that the body heights can be independently adjusted by 300 mm at the front and 200 mm at the rear. This allows everyday goods transport with an internal height of 2,750 mm to 3,050 mm at the front and 2,850 mm to 3,050 mm at the rear. The closing support bow on the roof ensures that the aluminium back wall portal double door with optimised door seal, which is a standard fitting for the Mega with FlexiUse body, is adjusted to the respective body height. The body naturally meets the body stability standards of DIN EN 12642 Code XL, making any additional load-securing unnecessary for form-fitted loading.

Safety and Load-securing

On the Kögel Mega, no belts hang down in the loading area when the roof is open; they are integrated into the roof awning. This entirely eliminates straps snagging on the load. For optimum load-securing, there are 13 pairs of lashing rings, each with 4,000 kilogram of tensile force, set into the Vario-Fix perforated steel external frame to enable almost infinitely variable lashing of the cargo.

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