Cyprus’ first electric bus will promote Paphos culture tours

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The outspoken mayor, who keeping with tradition got behind the wheel of the 20-seater, said that the new bus will be used during its initial testing phase to carry senior citizens, mainly between homes for the elderly and the general hospital.

At a later stage, it will operate on ‘green routes’ which were developed to promote the town’s cultural heritage and history.

The Austrian-made bus, powered by a Nissan NV e200 electric drivetrain, also has a provision to accommodate passengers with special needs.

Paphos’ mayor called on his colleagues and all public services to introduce similar eco-friendly vehicles in all towns.

“The municipality plans to immediately adapt the charging station that was delivered with the bus, to run solely on solar power, instead of electricity supply from the mainstream network that is presently generated by high-emission diesel, in order to make this a truly green bus,” Phedonos said.

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