Danfoss Power Solutions has launched its on-site hose assembly workshop program

The program brings hydraulic hose replacement and repair capabilities directly to construction, oil and gas, mining, and other sites where hydraulic equipment operates, minimizing operational disruptions.

Danfoss on-site hose assembly workshops are fully equipped mobile containers stocked with the specific Danfoss hoses, fittings, and tooling to suit the needs of the work site. The workshops enable on-the-spot hose assembly creation and repair 24 hours a day, seven days a week, minimizing equipment downtime and associated costs.

Hose assembly workshops are ideal for sites where timely access to replacement and repair is critical. A hose malfunction at a remote location, for example, may require long-distance travel or equipment transportation, or an extended wait for a shipment to arrive. With an on-site workshop, staff can quickly and conveniently repair or replace hose assemblies with the exact hose and fitting types in use at the site.


“Unforeseen equipment breakdowns and maintenance issues can lead to costly downtime. Locating a service provider, ordering a replacement, waiting for the shipment, then installing a new hose assembly can cost millions in lost revenue, depending on the equipment and the site,” said Okan Cebeci, EMEA product manager, Rubber Hydraulic Hose and Fittings, Danfoss Power Solutions. “Our mobile workshops provide businesses with immediate, cost-effective access to hose repairs and replacements with high-quality, reliable Danfoss components, helping to sustain normal operations.”


The customizable configurations of Danfoss on-site hose assembly workshops enable workspace optimization for maximum productivity. Machines can be selected and arranged within the container according to specific hose requirements and production needs. Tooling options encompass crimp machines with their respective die sets, cutting machines, and skiving machines equipped with both internal and external skiving tools. Storage options consist of hose reels, shelves, and fitting cabinets featuring ergonomic drawers. An electric control panel streamlines simultaneous operation of multiple machines.

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