Eichenlaub forwarding company acquires Kögel trailers in STABILA design

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For their customer STABILA, a market leader in many countries and globally recognised as a measuring device specialist for spirit levels, lasers, folding rules and tape measures, the forwarding company Eichenlaub has recently acquired two new Kögel Cargo trailers with digital tarpaulins featuring a high-impact marketing design. The new trailers feature a 120 millimetre thick frame neck and a reinforced chassis. Of course, the trailers are also certified in accordance with DIN EN 12642 Code XL and feature comprehensive equipment as standard. This includes, for example, Kögel’s integral roof tarpaulin. As a result, there are no straps left hanging down when the roof is open because these are integrated into the roof tarpaulin. This means that the straps cannot get snagged up when loading and unloading.

Eichenlaub/STABILA individual equipment

For load-securing, the VarioFix perforated steel external frame is equipped with 13 pairs of lashing rings with 4,000 kilograms of tensile force per ring, rather than the standard 2,000 kg of tensile force per ring. There are also two rows of stake pockets fitted in each of two positions on the inside of the side member in the front section, and two stake pockets per row on the external frame. These serve as a front wall alternative for load-securing at the front when needed. For securing partial loads, the trailers are equipped with four combination anchoring rails and two telescopic aluminium load-securing beams. The floor load-bearing capacity of the trailer is designed to withstand high fork-lift axle loads up to 8,000 kilograms. A 12 millimetre thick wear plate is installed on top of the standard 30 millimetre thick panel floor. A 720 millimetre long transition plate, made of steel chequer plate, is mounted above the rear end beam for additional protection. The inside of the front wall features a 12 millimetre thick and 1,250 millimetre high textured coated board to protect the front wall against damage during daily use. For enhanced impact protection, the rear of the vehicle is equipped with spring-mounted protective bumpers. An eight millimetre thick lateral steel bracket extending over the entire width and a locking cam protection, mounted centrally on the end plate of the frame, completes the trailer’s impact protection. The additional special equipment includes a steel light carrier, LED peripheral lights, LED reversing lights, tarpaulin cables with two mounts, an odometer, storage space for lattices and square pipe stakes, a direct tensioner and much more.


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