Freighter designs unique Super B for VISA Global Logistics

The new design is a re-imagination of the standard 26m B-double, which can usually carry one 20-foot container and one 40-foot container. Now, the elongated trailer combinations can carry two 40-foot containers – a 33 per cent productivity increase – while maintaining the same manoeuvrability as its predecessor.

“Lengthening the A-trailer to upgrade from a 20-foot container to a 40-foot container gives VISA a massive productivity gain,” said Matthew Watson, NSW State Sales Manager at Freighter parent company, MaxiTRANS.

Via the use of steer axles at the rear of the A-trailer’s quad-axle group and the B-trailer’s tri-axle group, the 30m Super B-double combination’s turning circle equals that of a standard B-double.

The 30m Super B-double’s manoeuvrability makes it compliant to run on the Level 2B PBS routes in Victoria, providing access to the High Productivity Freight Vehicle (HPFV) network routes with all the benefits of the extra 20 feet of container space.

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