Gaz group has developed a light commercial vehicle with extended payload capacity

At the International Commercial Vehicle Show COMTRANS/17 GAZ Group introduces a new line of light commercial vehicles GAZelle NEXT with a gross weight of 4.6 tons. Compared to the current GAZelle NEXT line (gross weight of 3.5 t), the new model has an increased payload capacity from 1.5 tons up to 2.62 tons, extended body space and flat body, improved ergonomics, a higher level of active safety.

Design features of GAZelle NEXT 4.6: a new rear axle, disc braking system on all wheels with ABS and ESP systems, increased width of the flat body (for drop-side truck modification), body length increased by 700 mm (on vans and minibuses).

On the basis of GAZelle NEXT 4.6, a full line of commercial vehicles will be produced: drop-side trucks with single and double-cab, chassis for special superstructures, a cargo van with a body space of 15.5 m3 and a combi-van, as well as several models of minibuses.

GAZelle NEXT 4.6 presented at COMTRANS/17 is a prototype. Sales of this model will start in the first quarter of 2018. The car will be equipped with body sides made of aluminum or from a rolled steel profile that has undergone cataphoretic priming, with a minimum number of welded joints. This ensures high corrosion resistance of the body.

The prototype presented at the exhibition is equipped with a mechanical six-speed gearbox with torque transfer up to 490 Nm. This gearbox is a new design of the GAZ Group Joint Engineering Center which is currently being tested in-vehicle and will be introduced in production in early 2019. The use of six gears and a new transmission ration will significantly improve traction, speed and fuel efficiency of the vehicle.

The GAZelle NEXT 4.6 minibus differs not only in its increased payload capacity, but also in its wheel base extended to 3.950 mm. The enlarged body space allowed to increase the passenger capacity of the minibus to 20 people. The car is equipped with an automatic gearbox manufactured by the French company Punch Powerglide. The continuous torque transfer to the automatic transmission allows to ensure smooth movement of the vehicle and a high level of comfort for passengers.

The third model created on GAZelle NEXT 4.6 basis is a low-floor electrobus designed to carry 22 passengers.

GAZelle NEXT 4.6 platform has absorbed all the advantages of GAZelle NEXT 3.5, which has been produced since 2013 and is the most popular model at the Russian market of commercial vehicles. They include a solid double-fishbone independent front suspension, a spacious and comfortable driver’s cabin, highly informative rack-and-gear steering, a reinforced frame and an upgraded rear suspension.

Basic specifications of GAZelle NEXT 4.6: gross weight – 4.6 tons; payload capacity 2.62 tons; dimensions (length/width/height) – 6580/2513/2310 mm; engine – Cummins ISF 2.8 (volume 2.8 liters, power 149.6 hp, torque 330 Nm, maximum speed 130 km/h).

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