Heuliez Bus and Forsee Power combine expertise to accelerate electric mobility in Europe and internationally

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As part of its plan to develop a complete range of 100% electric standard and bendy buses, Heuliez Bus has signed a contract with battery specialist Forsee Power for the supply of energy storage systems produced to an exclusive design.

The two groups have been working together since 2015 on the development of a 100% electric transport system for use in Europe and international markets, where the pace of the transition to electric motive power has accelerated since the beginning of this year. The European market for electric buses (excluding Russia) is estimated at between 2,500 and 3,500 buses per year between now and 2020, and is expected to double over the subsequent five years. All of which opens up exciting opportunities for the two partners.

The Heuliez Bus GX ELEC range is proving attractive to the first cities to go electric

The GX 337 ELEC will enter service in Tromdheim, Norway in the second half of 2019, in La Rochelle, France in the first half of 2018, and in other European cities over the coming months.

To deliver an effective response to every network need, the GX ELEC range offers solutions from 12 to 18 metres, with depot charging or fast intermediate charging by pantograph. Whichever battery charging method is preferred, the solutions offered by Forsee Power deliver one of the best densities in the market, at the same time as the best balance between range and GX ELEC passenger capacity.

Forsee Power… the market’s most comprehensive offering of public transport batteries

Heuliez Bus has chosen to partner with Forsee Power, the leading specialist in smart battery systems, to benefit from its expertise and vast experience in electric mobility markets (buses, scooters, trains and boats).

Forsee Power has the most comprehensive range of battery systems for the transport market, and works alongside leading manufacturers in Europe, North America and Asia. Its Pulse, Zen and Flex solutions are designed to respond to every autonomy challenges (energy) and/or power requirement, and are suitable for use with every type of battery charging infrastructure.

«We are delighted to see that the energy transition in Public Transport is now accelerating. Our teams have been working for 6 years on the development of hi-tech solutions that have proved their value in use with leading stakeholders in the global transport market. We also offer battery finance solutions in association with NEoT Capital, and provide second life battery management solutions. So we are well and truly ready. This contract with Heuliez Bus sends a very positive signal about the strength of the electric mobility market» says Forsee Power Chairman and CEO Christophe Gurtner.


Offering Technology Applications
Forsee Pulse LTO/ liquid cooling Hybrid. Rechargeable hybrid. All electric with fast charging. Electric with fuel cell.
Forsee Flex NMC/ liquid cooling Intermediate charging. Overnight charging.
Forsee Zen NMC/ air cooling Long journey range with overnight charging.
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