Industry experts optimistic about introduction of autonomous vehicles in Kazakhstan

“During the forum, the representative of Iveco, Lorenzo Bernardeli, presented futuristic concepts of the cars with innovative solutions. Iveco is part of the CNH Industrial Corporation and is demonstrating an active introduction of cutting-edge technologies in the commercial technology sector. The speaker noted that the producer adheres to the policy of switching to the unmanned cars and expressed hope that Kazakh colleagues will be able to follow suit,” the press release read.

Bernardeli also said the range of Iveco cars manufactured in Kostanai was adapted for Kazakhstan to meet the needs of customers in this market, including climatic conditions and road conditions of the southern and central regions of the country.


“We are seeing a rapid development of production in Kazakhstan and the desire of our innovative partner AllurGroup to test and implement innovations and technologies; we think that models of futuristic cars will be available to the Kazakhstan market in the future,” he said.

Kostanai’s plant was the first plant to switch to the full-cycle production of cars and became a springboard for the formation in the country of adjacent production of auto components and spare parts, such as batteries, tires, glasses, electrical engineering, among other technological products while the plant is also developing commercial transport.

The production site is working on the localisation of processes and today, in addition to assembling, is carrying out welding and painting of parts in some models of commercial vehicles. Commercial vehicles meet all European standards and regulations of the Euro 5 type of fuel, and they also have a number of improved technical qualities. The share of localisation of technology is some 33 percent and in specialised assemblies is up to 50 percent. With the use of new technologies, it was possible to reduce the operational cost of equipment by 4 percent.

To ensure the maximum productivity Iveco has done considerable work to create the best braking system for all types of car parts. These innovative solutions are also applied in models that are being assembled in Kostanai today.

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