Kögel Euro Trailer NOVUM with FastSlider

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The Kögel FastSlider sliding tarpaulin system, which is quick and easy to use, is now also available as an option for the NOVUM Euro Trailer. The tarpaulin quick-release fastener optimally supports the driver with safe loading and unloading and at the same time ensures short standing times on the ramp. The type 1 long truck can thus be used even more efficiently and economically.

The new combination of the NOVUM generation Euro Trailer and the Kögel FastSlider system unites the freight forwarders’ desire for a safe, durable and economical trailer.

Tarpaulin locking system with a highlight

Kögel FastSlider is an easy and quick to open and close sliding tarpaulin system with reinforced mini stakes. The loading area is accessible within seconds and can be closed again just as quickly. Rollers specially developed for this system ensure that the tarpaulin runs smoothly. The highlight: At the top, the rollers run in an aluminum roof strap that can be combined with a lifting roof. A steel profile is used below, which is screwed to the side of the chassis. When it is opened, the tarpaulin makes a neat wave movement and folds up tightly. There is no need to hold on to the tarpaulin and use dirty belt locks. The Kögel FastSlider system is available for one or both sides of the body and can be adapted to numerous transport applications such as automotive, beverage or pallet transport. If the Kögel FastSlider is only used on one side, the counterpart is a sliding tarpaulin that complies with Daimler guideline 9.5 and the load securing standard EN 12642 XL.

All the advantages of the NOVUM generation now also for Kögel Euro Trailer

The Euro Trailer, optionally equipped with the FastSlider system, now also has all the well-known advantages of the NOVUM generation. These include: an optimized outer frame profile that makes it much easier to reach the Vario-Fix lashing points, as well as variably positionable slat pockets. Thanks to the innovative structure with the Kögel FastSlider, the Euro Trailer NOVUM scores twice: while the driver’s work is much safer and easier, the freight forwarder is happy about the short downtimes and an all-round solid, sustainable and economical product.

Euro Trailer NOVUM with Kögel FastSlider as an economic miracle

True to the company’s motto ‘Economy meets Ecology – Because we care’, Kögel is passionately dedicated to product development. Every innovation pursues the aim of constantly rethinking profitability, efficiency and sustainability. The Euro Trailer NOVUM with the Kögel FastSlider system now combines these properties more than ever. Thanks to the increased transport volume, faster loading times and easier operation, it is an indispensable part of every vehicle fleet.

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