Lannutti opts for 200 Kögel Lightplus trailers

The Italian logistics service provider Lannutti, based in Cuneo, is expanding its existing fleet of 1,250 trucks and of 2,500 trailers with 200 new Kögel Lightplus trailers. With more than 50 years of experience, 300,000 m² of warehouse space and 1,650 employees, Lannutti is one of the biggest and most successful logistics companies in Italy. With the new Kögel Lightplus trailers, Lannutti has chosen trailers that are exceptionally payload-efficient and weight-efficient, which not only enables fewer journeys for the specified annual tonnage, but also improves the company’s ecological footprint.

Lannutti were convinced by the high stability level of the Kögel Lightplus, as well as the option of reducing the already low tare weight of 5,145 kilograms with basic equipment even further via individual equipment. The Light plus trailers that have been ordered are fitted with the new Kögel external frame as standard. The lashing of cargo to the VarioFix perforated steel external frame is also possible with the optional drop sides. The 13 pairs of lashing rings, included as standard, have grip hooks at the sides for easier handling, and have a tensile force of 2,500 kilogrammes. The front wall, including the front bulk corner posts, the rear corner posts, and the rear wall door portal are made from aluminium. As you would expect, the Kögel Lightplus trailers have the DIN EN 12642 Code XL load-securing certificate.

A wide range of Lannutti-specific features

To further reduce the weight of the trailers, Lannutti has opted for weight-reducing individual equipment. This includes aluminium wheel rims, aluminium landing gear, aluminium air tanks, aluminium roof support frames and portal doors made of extremely light yet strong duroplastic sandwich panels with a honeycomb core, known for its use in the aerospace industry. As requested, the load-bearing capacity of the 30-millimetre-thick, bolted plate floor is designed for a fork-lift axle load of 7,200 kilograms. To protect the front wall interior from damage during loading and unloading, it is fitted with a coated steel plate with a thickness of 5 millimetres and a height of 200 millimetres, which is also bolted to the floor. The rear of the vehicles is also equipped with a pair of reinforced rubber bumpers for enhanced impact protection. This protection is rounded off by a transverse Delta rubber profile on the end plate of the frame. To avoid the usual need for aluminium or wooden slats, the trailers are fitted with a sliding tarpaulin at the sides, with 24 vertical aluminium slats per side. Other individual features include tarpaulin cables with mounts, an odometer, a toolbox and much more.

Cathodic dip-paint coating: lasting protection from corrosion

As with all Kögel vehicles for the forwarding industry, the entire vehicle frame on the Kögel Lightplus has long-term corrosion protection provided by nano cathodic dip-paint coating and subsequent painting.

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