Mercedes-Benz eEconic used for road safety in Stockholm

TMA Bolaget AB, a leading Swedish road safety enterprise, has recently added two fully electric eEconic special-purpose vehicles to its fleet. The eEconic is based on the tried-and-true Econic and was specifically developed as an all-electric alternative for locally CO2-neutral use in urban environments. Primarily used for waste management up until now, it will now be part of TMA operations in Sweden.

The special-purpose vehicles are so-called TMA-vehicles, which are equipped with mobile impact absorbers – also known as TMA or truck-mounted attenuator – to secure construction sites of short duration, for example. The truck-mounted attenuator can protect all parties involved in the event of a collision.


The two eEconic were equipped by Vicky Teknik, which has many years of experience with TMA bodies. The vehicles are equipped with a separate battery system with approx. 20 hours of operating capacity per charge, and additional solar cells.

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