MEYLE chosen by Morgan as tier 1 supplier

Morgan Motor Company is Great Britain’s most exclusive automobile manufacturer and has been crafting sports cars since 1909. Every year, the company hand-builds up to 1000 vehicles. To ensure that it will be able to operate productively in the future Morgan is collaborating with an exclusive group of suppliers embodying the same high standards of quality. Morgan has made MEYLE their number-one choice for suspension components critical for ensuring safe and agile driving. The new Aero 8 will be fitted with MEYLE ORIGINAL steering and suspension parts. MEYLE’s engineers have been involved in the design project from the outset, supporting Morgan with their extensive engineering expertise.

“We are not able to hand-craft all components ourselves. So we need vendors who are as uncompromising about quality as we are. We benefit from the innovative power of other companies looking for a partner to walk though the engineering process with us”, says Jon Graham at Morgan Motor Company.

“Being one of Morgan’s tier-one suppliers is testimony to our uncompromising commitment to quality”, says André Sobottka, Board member in charge of Sales, Marketing and Communications. “Our business focus will remain on the aftermarket. But being the sparring partner of an OEM company is a great opportunity for us to apply our extensive expertise while generating new insight. Ultimately, it is the workshop customers who benefit most from the synergies between MEYLE and Morgan, as the results of this collaboration are looped back into the development process of our MEYLE parts.”

The family business Morgan Motor Company focuses on low volumes, premium-grade materials and flawless workmanship, thus finding a niche in the thriving automotive production industry in Great Britain. Germany is Morgan’s second most important market following closely behind the United Kingdom.

Morgan has found in MEYLE a partner to perfectly match its unyielding commitment to quality. “Far from resting on this success, we are determined to intensify our partnership with Morgan”, emphasizes Nielsen, Head of Product Strategy and Development. “Encouraged by the joint development work there is a possibility that MEYLE will be supplying other components for Aero 8 model in the future. We may also start collaborating with Morgan on other models.”

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