New additions to the range of MEYLE-HD tie rod ends

MEYLE‑HD tie rod ends cater for more than 68 million vehicles. Featuring a larger ball head than OE designs, the MEYLE‑HD tie rod ends offer extra service life as a larger ball allows applied loads to be distributed across a much larger surface. This, in turn, minimises the surface pressure acting on the ball joint’s plastic socket. Heavy SUV models and vehicles exposed to particularly bad road surface conditions benefit the most from these refinements. This is why the MEYLE engineers have applied the MEYLE‑HD principle also to tie rod ends that cater for the following applications:

  • BMW: X5 (F15) (11/12-) and X6 (F16) (08/14-) (MEYLE no: 316 020 0034/HD and 316 020 0035/HD)
  • Mercedes-Benz: BM 163 (M-Class) (02/98-06/05) (MEYLE no.: 016 020 0001/HD and 016 020 0026/HD)
  • Fiat: 500L (09/12-) (MEYLE no.: 216 020 0014/HD and 216 020 0013/HD)

The joints on all MEYLE‑HD tie rod ends use special high-performance grease which was formulated to minimize wear resulting from the heavy loads to which these parts are exposed. The compounds of the grease are fully compatible with the steel, plastic and rubber materials which make up the joint, thereby ensuring uniform friction distribution across the entire load range.

Thanks to these improvements, MEYLE‑HD tie rod ends outlive their OE counterparts by far. This is why the tie rod ends come with an extended four-year guarantee, as do all MEYLE‑HD parts.

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