New MAN Lion’s Coach ready for launch at Busworld

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It’s obvious at first glance that this is a real MAN. Modern yet timeless, the new MAN Lion’s Coach marks the launch of a new, distinctive MAN design language at the front, rear and sides. The designers focused on clearly separating the functional areas of the driver’s cockpit and passenger compartment, the luggage compartment and the drive unit. In addition to appearance, this segmenting also provides benefits in terms of ease of maintenance and therefore economy as damaged parts can be exchanged quickly and without incurring large costs. New materials and manufacturing processes make the bus lighter and more robust, and also further increase ease of use, for example, when opening and closing the luggage compartment lid or bonnet.I

Its maximum overall permitted weight of up to 19.5 tonnes also contributes to its flexibility in terms of possible uses. The optional wheelchair lift plays an important role in achieving ideal axle load distribution as, in this version, it sits over the front axle, thus relieving the rear axle while also not restricting the luggage compartment. The standard version measures 3870 mm in height. Excluding the toilet, the new MAN Lion’s Coach models, which have been awarded 3 stars on the German coach seating system, have space for a maximum of 53, 57, 59 or 63 passengers. The luggage compartments have a volume of between 11.7 and 14.3 m3 depending on the model.

The new headlights are an immediate eye-catcher. And, for the first time – like the standard LED rear lights – they can be installed as all LED light is more diffuse, and, at the same time, has a much greater range as well as a significantly longer service life. A particularly distinctive feature of the new headlight is the strip-form brand-specific daytime running light, which also functions as an indicator.


A glance under the bonnet indicates that the new MAN Lion’s Coach is as economical as ever. With its optimised Euro 6 driveline, it also enjoys benefits including an extended axle ratio i=2.73 and an increased power output (increased by 20 hp and 200 Nm). The new secondary retarder provides optimum braking effect in conjunction with the high axle ratios. As part of the MAN BrakeMatic electronic brake system, the new MAN Lion’s Coach and the other MAN and NEOPLAN touring and intercity buses will also feature the more powerful EVBec engine brake. Electronic regulation of the exhaust gas back pressure enables increased braking effect over the entire operating speed range, thus achieving a high degree of brake output even at low speeds.

In addition, a wide range of assistance systems is available, such as the topography-based MAN EfficientCruise cruise control with the EfficientRoll coasting function, Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Lane Guard System (LGS) and MAN Attention Guard.


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