New sanitary containers at GVZ Bremen Initiative #Logistikhilft with next action

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The commissioning of the containers was implemented by the initiative #Logistikhilft in cooperation with the GVZ Entwicklungsgesellschaft Bremen and the Backhaus. Further supporters are the Straßenverkehrsgenossenschaft Bremen, the Landesverband Verkehrsgewerbe Bremen and the City of Bremen. Krone Managing Director Dr. Frank Albers was also on site during the commissioning. “Krone has been supporting numerous projects that make the everyday life of truck drivers easier for decades, which is why we were one of the first supporters of this great initiative. Not only since the outbreak of the Corona pandemic it has become very clear that the basic supply of the population cannot function without the transport industry. That’s why we are happy to do our part to improve the everyday life of drivers. And it goes without saying that the sanitary containers in Germany’s oldest GVZ Bremen, incidentally also the No. 1 in Europe, are well positioned”.

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