Nissan confirms its lead in Saudi Arabia at the Nissan Ha’il International Rally

HA’IL, Saudi Arabia (April 17, 2017) – Nissan Saudi Arabia is the main sponsor for Nissan Ha’il International Rally 2017 for the fourth year in a row, sponsoring 16 drivers and co-drivers, all of whom achieved the top positions during the three-stage races and put in some extremely impressive performances.

Nissan drivers have also been able to achieve top nine positions in the overall ranking proving once again Nissan’s dominance in strength, efficiency and reliability in these extremely difficult desert racing conditions.

Among the teams receiving Nissan’s support, Fares Al Mashna managed to win with his Nissan Patrol the first place in T1 series and also the first place in the overall ranking of the rally. Nissan drivers Motir Al Shammari, Ahmed Al-Shuhail, Mashnaa Al-Shammari finished second, third and fourth in the T1 series respectively.

Nissan is much more than the main title sponsor of this incredible event. Nissan sponsored and supported some of the key teams, helping them learn the intricacies of desert rally competitions and helped them get the best out of their vehicles. This support, based on the accumulated experience of Nissan, has yielded impressive results on the leader board within the T1 group, T2 group and the overall ranking.

The Nissan Ha’il International Rally, which was this year opened up to three different categories of cars and motorcycles, covered nearly 1,600 km through the north-central region of Saudi Arabia and featured three desert stages that took competitors through the beautiful desert, as well as a wide variety of terrains that included dunes and gravel trails.

Nissan’s decades-long experience in international motorsport has contributed to the drivers’ skills, underscoring the excellence of Nissan-supported teams at the Ha’il International Rally. The Saudi drivers’ experiences have become more advanced this year thanks to Nissan’s strong training, support and interest in one of the most popular sports.

Like previous years, Nissan organized activities and events that celebrate driving and motorsport, as well as the rich and ancient heritage of the region. The activities included karting, drifting shows and football games – each coming with an element of competition to up the excitement for anyone taking part throughout the entire Ha’il International Desert Festival.

The Ha’il International Rally is held under the direct patronage of HRH Prince Saud Bin Abdul Mohsen Bin Abdul Aziz, Governor of Ha’il, President of the Supreme Commission for Ha’il Development Authority, and the Head of the Supreme Commission of the Ha’il Rally, as well as being under the supervision of the FIA and Saudi Arabian Motor Federation (SAMF) and the General Authority for Tourism and National Heritage. Nissan’s sponsorship of the rally reflects the company’s commitment to supporting and participating in Saudi sport.

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