Practicom now relies on advanced fleet management solutions from Transics

Transport companies are facing fast changing business environments with fierce competition and rising regulations – for example on driving and resting times. Fleet operators need to adapt and optimize business processes to improve operational efficiency. Praticom, a Bucharest-based transport company offering domestic and international freight forwarding, has just met this challenge and equipped its international fleet of 220 commercial vehicles with Transics’ TX-SKY on-board computers.

Prior to its investment in Transics’ advanced fleet management solutions, Practicom experienced a lack of transparency and control of processes especially with regard to tacho-management, route planning, as well as driving- and resting times. “We were facing discussions with drivers on concrete working hours and driven routes. In addition, insufficient planning capabilities resulted in additional trips and wasted kilometers. This all lead to recognizable inefficiencies of our fleet”, says Adrian Vasile, Head of Audit and Controlling at Practicom. “Therefore, we looked for a solution that helped us to tackle these challenges and optimize our business processes and still could be easily integrated into our existing transport management system.”

Practicom decided to upgrade its fleet with Transics’ advanced fleet management solutions at the beginning of this year. Each TX-SKY on board-computer is directly connected to the vehicle’s CAN bus and tachograph and registers critical truck and driver information as well as data from other sources, such as document scanners. Relevant data is captured and sent in real-time to the back office – thus reducing administrative efforts for both drivers and dispatchers. Additionally, fleet operators can identify problems such as inappropriate driving behavior or disbalance of driving- and resting times. The fleet manager can instantly provide technical and administrative feedback to the drivers – for example on ideal routes, driving-style or any imminent defects such as underinflated tires. Management reports give a clear overview of the vehicle and driver performance, thereby, enabling optimized planning.  

Cristian Kiss, Sales Manager Romania, at Transics: “With our advanced fleet management solutions we are able to offer Practicom an integrated solution covering all needed features. By end of 2019 they plan to increase their fleet up to 700 units. Therefore, it is even more important to optimize processes and to ensure the fleet’s efficiency. Moving forward we will continue to support them with their plans by equipping further vehicles with TX-SKY on-board computers.”

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