Record Australian trailer order awarded to MaxiTRANS

After much speculation in the marketplace, the company made the outcome of the $60 million agreement public on the back of a factory visit by Minister for Industry and Employment and Minister for Resources, the Hon Wade Noonan MP, and Coles’ Head of Transport, Tony O’Toole.

MaxiTRANS’ new Managing Director and CEO, Dean Jenkins, used the opportunity to commend Coles’ on its commitment to local manufacturing. “We are proud that Coles has chosen to partner with MaxiTRANS,” he ssaid. “This is a tremendous show of support by Coles in Australian regional manufacturing.”

According to Jenkins, Coles’ decision to buy Australian-made is not only a “vote of confidence that our existing 950 employees build a world-class product”, but it will also help to generate more than 100 new jobs over the life of the contract.
“At a critical time for local automotive manufacturing, the order will offer employment prospects to many Victorians. All of the units will be assembled at MaxiTRANS’ manufacturing facility in Wendouree, Ballarat and feature components made at our plant in Hallam, both in Victoria,” he said.

Coles’ Head of Transport, Tony O’Toole, also focused on the importance of MaxiTRANS’ local footprint for the outcome of the contract. “Coles is pleased to be able to support the creation of jobs in regional Victoria through this partnership with MaxiTRANS,” he said.

“We are always looking for ways to strengthen our relationships with local suppliers to help sustain the communities we serve every day, and we’re proud that deliveries to our stores will be made using trailers produced right here in Victoria.”
Jenkins pointed out the deal must be attributed to MaxiTRANS’ “unrivalled” trailer production capacity. “We pride ourselves on being able to support all kinds of businesses from large fleets to single operators and are excited by this opportunity to show the industry the full extent of our capabilities,” he explained.

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