Scania reports record growth in 2016

According to the company, total deliveries of trucks and buses and coaches reached all-time high levels. Service revenue amounted to a record of almost SEK 22 billion (AU$32.5b), an increase of five per cent.

Operating income excluding items affecting comparability rose by six per cent, resulting in an operating margin of 9.8 per cent.

“Total deliveries of trucks and buses and coaches reached all-time high levels,” said Henrik Henriksson, Scania President and CEO, who also said the company’s operational performance was strong.

“Higher vehicle volume in Europe and higher service volume impacted earnings positively but this was partly offset by negative currency rate effects, lower deliveries in Latin America (mainly related to Brazil), and by the high cost of investments related to Scania’s new truck generation. Scania’s position in the European market remains strong with a market share of 16.5 per cent. The replacement need and economic situation in Europe continues to have a positive impact on demand for trucks.

“The success of the new generation of Scania trucks has been immediate and the truck has outperformed the competition in all trade press tests it has entered.

“Nearly all aspects have been praised – the powertrain, performance, comfort, braking capacity, visibility and steering. Combined with Scania Maintenance with Flexible Plans, our new tailor-made service enabled by continual monitoring of connected vehicles’ operating data, customer earning potential is enhanced. When every truck receives exactly the maintenance it needs, the customer enjoys maximum vehicle uptime.”

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