Schaeffler expands its network and promotes creative urban mobility solutions

Prof. Dr. Tim Hosenfeldt, Senior Vice President of Corporate Innovation at Schaeffler AG, awarded the first prize to the winner of the “Mobility by Schaeffler” category: iQ Power Licensing AG’s innovative automobile batteries deliver double the operating life of conventional batteries and reduce CO2 emissions by 50%, thus making a decisive contribution to protecting the environment and proving that sustainability in the automobile industry begins with the small details. Hosenfeldt congratulated the winners on behalf of Schaeffler. On February 22, the 70-strong jury discussed the category’s list of nominees and assessed each of them in terms of their contribution to protecting nature and the environment.

Ideal partnership with the GreenTec awards

As part of its “Mobility for tomorrow” strategy, Schaeffler is focusing on four fields of activity: Eco-friendly drives, urban mobility, interurban mobility, and optimization of the energy chain. At the core of these activities is the company’s vision of shaping the mobility of tomorrow in order to make the world cleaner, safer, and smarter through its work as a technology leader with innovative spirit and the highest standards of quality. “Mobility solutions for urban centers also require us to change our way of thinking when it comes to protecting the environment”, said Hosenfeldt. “That is why supporting initiatives like the GreenTec Awards is so important to us.” Schaeffler won the “Mobility” prize for its E-Clutch in 2016 and became a sponsoring partner to the GreenTec awards in 2017, the year that also saw the award ceremony held for the tenth time.

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