Tata Motors Medium And Heavy Cargo Trucks Help Move The Indian Nation

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Tata Motors rigid trucks consisting of MCVs and MAVs have changed the road logistics business scene of India by pioneering many products and solutions that have been hugely successful with customers over the years.

In the concept to the customer journey, Tata has instituted benchmarks like the first 4, 5 and 6 axle trucks in the country alongside a continual ascent of excellence in the space of customer profitability.

MCVs are typically 18.5T GVW 4×2 trucks, primarily catering to distribution segment in medium-duty hauls in applications like market logistics, tankers, packed LPG, agri products, construction aggregates, reefers, municipal and industrial goods as well as in long hauls in e-commerce, parcel courier, FMCG and FMCD.

E-commerce has emerged as the fastest-growing segment of the Indian trucking industry, with Tata Motors achieving a leading position. The vast majority of customers have made the Tata Motors BS-VI MCVs their first choice with the MCV 1918 32ft 4×2 truck, both in cowl and ultra cabin options finding best value through the application suitable powertrain configuration, fuel economy and the range of value features for TCO reduction, driving comfort and safety. The e-commerce sector demands vehicles to have the highest uptime and reliability given the high utilisation with companies looking for assured delivery timelines and of course the lowest cost of operations.

The Tata Motors 1918 32-feet product line, equipped with the LPT 1918 with Cummins ISBe 5.6L engine and LPT/Ultra 1918 with Tata 5.0-litre Turbotronn engine, delivers ideal value on the most important needs of e-commerce trucking like a faster pickup, high-speed fuel efficiency, excellent drivability and high operating uptime coupled with the assurance of Tata Suraksha Platinum AMC.

Besides e-commerce, Tata’s 1918 32-feet trucks have become the first choice of all the leading LFOs (Large Fleet Operators) in the country like Kapoor Diesels, Ahmedabad Roadlines, North-South Logistics, Om Logistics, J R Roadways, Ekta Transport, in parcel & courier, FMCD, FMCG and auto logistics due to its ability to increase the bottom line for customers in organized freight segment sustainably.

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