The Winners Of The Sustainable Truck Of The Year 2024 Awards

On January 31st, the crowning moment for champions of sustainable transportation took place during the Sustainable Truck of the Year 2024 award ceremony. The event, broadcasted on channel 68 DTT and digital channels of Vado e Torno and Sustainable Truck&Van, saw MAN, DAF, and IVECO rise to the pinnacle of eco-sustainability.

The awards went to MAN TGX 18.520 in the Tractor category; DAF XD Electric in the Distribution category and to IVECO eDaily in the Van category. The prizes were taken by Mark Martinez, CEO of MAN Truck & Bus Italia; Paolo A. Starace, CEO of DAF Veicoli Industriali and by Massimiliano Perri, Business Director, IVECO Italy Market.

The awards ceremony also hosted an interview with Felipe Rodriguez, Director of the ICCT Heavy-duty Vehicle Program and Deputy Manager of ICCT Europe, a nonprofit international organization doing technical research on sustainable transportation to inform policy makers. Rodriguez spoke about energy transition. “Our research shows that looking ahead to 2030, the TCO of electric trucks will be far cheaper than that of diesel vehicles, in the range of 20-25 percent. We hope that by that date energy availability and infrastructure can match the growing demand we expect from logistics operators”, Rodriguez said.


“Once again, the emphasis on all-electric vehicles was clear in this edition, with two of the three award categories given to this innovative technology,” added Fabio Zammaretti, Chairman of the Sustainable Truck of the Year Awards. “The awards confirm the evolution and growing importance of zero-emission commercial vehicles in the trucking sector. At the same time, we should recognize the efforts of manufacturers in developing trucks with increasingly efficient ICEs, especially in the long haul, by far the most complex segment to electrify.”


To better represent the market, the Sustainable Truck of the Year Award, this year reaching its 8th edition, is split in three different categories: Tractor (vehicles up to 44 Ton); Distribution (vehicles up to 26 ton, 2 or 3 axles); Van (vehicles up to 3,5 ton). For the evaluation of the vehicles in the competition, 40 technical parameters are taken into consideration, divided into 6 macro areas, such as engine, transmission, safety, comfort, connectivity, and sustainability.


Tractor: MAN TGX 18.520

The Sustainable Truck of the Year (Tractor category) was awarded to the MAN TGX 18.520 for its vehicle qualities and skills, at the same time, it also recognizes the underlying philosophy of the model. With the latest release featuring the proven and high-performance D2676 six-cylinder 12.4-liter engine aligned with Euro 6e standards, optimizing combustion to increase power and torque (520 hp and 270 kgm), MAN’s heavy-duty truck sets new benchmarks.

The historical fuel efficiency record of 4.18 km/l, achieved in the Vado e Torno 500 km Supertest, where a heavy-duty truck overtakes the four kilometers per liter threshold for the first time in over sixty years of testing, validates the intelligent and continuous development process aimed at maximum efficiency. The MAN TGX 18.520 combines this with the top-of-the-line GX cabin, offering tailor-made comfort, ergonomics, and functionality, along with sober elegance and a rich array of safety and driving assistance systems.

Distribution: DAF XD Electric

The DAF XD Electric is tied to the history of the Dutch manufacturer. Its design, architecture, and essence reflect the best tradition of DAF — characterized by concreteness and pragmatism, the guiding principles for DAF designers and engineers. The XD Electric series, originating from the flagship XG, inherits its DNA, resulting in an elegant design, refined aerodynamics, and enhanced comfort, ergonomics, and safety within the cabin.

The XD Electric range, offered in various configurations (4×2 tractor, 4×2 and 6×2 cab units), power options (ranging from 170 to 350 kW or 230 to 480 hp), and three cabins (Day, Sleeper, Sleeper High), achieves driving ranges approaching 500 kilometers. This range of zero-emission vehicles is tailored for urban and regional freight transport, aligning with increasingly stringent regulations in Italy and Europe, allowing operation, such as, in city centers during nighttime exclusively for electric vehicles.


Van: IVECO eDaily

More than just a CV model, its name identifies a way of transporting. Particularly in urban transport, where the Daily stands as an authentic and recognized benchmark. The eDaily, the 100% electric version of the iconic Daily, positions itself as the front runner in the light-duty vehicle segment. Iveco eDaily achieves this not just because of its history but also thanks to the features of the new model generation, which continues focusing on sustainability, as well as on safety, connectivity, versatility, and robustness.

The new Iveco eDaily raises the bar for perceived and actual quality even higher. New, even more qualifying content ensures a performance efficiency that reaches absolute heights with the 2024 model year version. A point of strength, and at the same time a strong point of attraction for professional customers, is the innovative modular battery technology providing a range of up to 400 km in the urban cycle. The new version can now be configured with four modules, on 7.2 tonne chassis cab models with 5100 mm wheelbase. Further updates include increased ePto capacity of 50 kW, which can provide a zero-emission solution for equipment used in demanding specialised missions, Air-Pro adaptive pneumatic suspension availability, and the adoption of the same 10.25” configurable digital display and the new 10” multimedia system across the entire Daily range.

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