TotalEnergies launches dedicated hybrid transmission fluid for Great Wall Motors

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TotalEnergies and Great Wall Motors (GWM) have developed a tailor-made fluid, Quartz EV-DHTF2, for GWM’s latest “L.E.M.O.N.” Dedicated Hybrid Transmission (DHT). This highly integrated, high-efficiency, multi-mode gasoline-electric hybrid system features dual-motor hybrid technology, which achieves a perfect balance at all speeds and in all scenarios between high efficiency and high performance. This development was made possible thanks to a strategic Research and Development (R&D) partnership.

Great Wall Motors, China’s leading car manufacturer, is a key player in the development of electric vehicles. As a pioneer in electric vehicle fluids, TotalEnergies has been actively supporting GWM in the development of new driveline technologies for many years. The launch of this new product, Quartz EV-DHTF2, dedicated for the “L.E.M.O.N. DHT” system, is an embodiment and a milestone of this strong collaboration.

It adds a new brick to the Quartz EV Fluid range and is customized to meet GWM’s needs on its DHT application. In addition to gears & bearings lubrication, Quartz EV-DHTF2 also offers:

  • excellent Fuel Economy performance;
  • optimal temperature control for the hybrid transmission, especially the electric motor;
  • protection against shortcuts and static electricity;
  • excellent compatibility with copper coils and polymer materials used in the electric engine.

These properties ensure a proper functionality of the DHT and maximize the durability of the components.

“This new product, Quartz EV-DHTF2, is the result of a successful partnership between GWM and The Lubricants Division of TotalEnergies, through a collaboration in research and development. Thanks to such partnerships, TotalEnergies is building a solid foundation of knowledge and expertise in hybrid and electric engines year after year”, said Jean Parizot, Vice President Automotive at the Lubricants Division of TotalEnergies.


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