Toyota to bring innovative fuel technology to trucks

The Japanese company has scaled-up its proprietary fuel-cell technology from its Mirai passenger car to develop a strong yet silent power source for a 36-tonne semi-trailer.

Known as ‘Project Portal’, Toyota will use the concept truck to conduct a feasibility study into the potential of fuel-cell technology in heavy-duty applications.

Taking place in the United States, the hydrogen-fuelled truck will haul cargo between the ports of Los Angeles.

“As they did with the Prius and the Mirai, Toyota is taking a leap into the future of technology. By bringing this heavy duty, zero emission hydrogen fuel cell proof of concept truck to the Port, Toyota has planted a flag that we hope many others will follow,” said Mary D. Nichols, Chair, California Air Resources Board (CARB).

“CARB will be following the progress of this feasibility study with interest, as we look to develop the best mix of regulations and incentives to rapidly expand the market for the cleanest, most efficient big trucks to meet the need for dramatic change in the freight sector.”

According to Toyota, the truck generates more than 500kW of power and almost 1800Nm of torque from two Mirai fuel-cell stacks and a 12kWh battery. “Toyota believes that hydrogen fuel cell technology has tremendous potential to become the powertrain of the future,” said Bob Carter, Toyota Motor North America Executive Vice President. “With Project Portal, we’re proud to help explore the societal benefits of a true zero emission heavy-duty truck platform.”

In 2016, Toyota Australia and Hino Australia unveiled a mobile hydrogen refueller that enabled three demonstration Mirai fuel-cell sedans to go anywhere in Australia that a conventional car can be driven.

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