Truck-Grand-Prix 2017 – Kögel rocks on Stand R27

At the Kögel stand, all fans can get to know Truck Race Champion Jochen Hahn. This is because at the Meet & Greet at the Kögel stand at 17.00 on 1st July 2017, Jochen will provide his fans with autographs and also answer any questions they might have.

Fund-raising for the “Trucker’s World – Fahrer helfen Fahrern e.V.” support fund.

For a small donation to the “Trucker’s World – Fahrer helfen Fahrern e.V.” support fund at the Kögel stand during the Truck Grand Prix 2017, you will get trendy Kögel sunglasses in the 2017 edition or a Kögel straw hat to protect you from the sun.*

Not for the faint-hearted! Survey about the new Kögel “trucker” trailer

Kögel is looking for ideas for the new Kögel “trucker” trailer. All ideas related to the trailer that will make the daily life of professional drivers easier are welcome. Participants in the survey will receive a refreshing drink from the Kögel Grid Girl and a small reward in the form of a free shower token that can be redeemed at one of the participating VEDA off-motorway service stations in Germany. The Kögel Development Division will check all incoming suggestions for feasibility before integrating them into the Kögel “trucker” trailer.

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