UPS to focus on ‘smart logistics’

According to UPS, Perez will lead a team of UPS engineers and IT professionals focused on building the company’s Smart Logistics Network of the future.

“UPS has a long history of investing in technology and engineering, and we are committed to driving growth, enabling customer solutions, and creating shareholder value through a constant focus on innovation,” said UPS Chairman and CEO, David Abney.

“As we look to the future, it is critical that we align all of our efforts into one, cohesive, fast-moving and powerful technology organisation – Juan is ideally positioned to lead our efforts in these areas.”

Perez, who has been in the position of CIO since March 2016, has been with UPS for 27 years and played a part in much of the company’s technological advancements, such as the On-Road Integrated Optimisation and Navigation (ORION) system used by UPS operations to optimise delivery routes to improve service and efficiency.

“At UPS, we are on a relentless path of innovation that will always be driven by technology in support of our customers and our operations,” said Perez.

“But we need to move forward even faster. UPS operates at the intersection of the physical and virtual worlds, and we have unique opportunities to deploy cutting-edge technologies ranging from artificial intelligence and machine learning to the internet of things, all tied together through big data.”

In line with that, UPS is also creating a new Advanced Technology Group to help accelerate decisions and improve collaboration as UPS implements key components of its next generation network. The group will be responsible for the research, testing, and development of new technologies and models to improve global network capabilities. The Advanced Technology Group will also help to strengthen collaboration with technology companies and academic institutions to explore innovative technologies and solutions.

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