Visitors From All Over The World Test Scania Trucks With Krone Trailers

Scania 540 S 6x2 Highline, general cargo transport
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Scania’s test and demo centre is located near Södertälje, where the Swedish truck manufacturer’s headquarters and factory are located. Four new Krone trailers have a permanent place in the test fleet for visitors and customers from all over the world.

Scania R 530 V8 4×2 Highline, general cargo transport

But the latest vehicle combinations are not only presented on site in Sweden. A demo tractor unit with Scania tractor and Krone trailer will go on a tour across Europe, during which press tests and test drives with customers will be carried out.

In addition, Scania has been undertaking test and trial runs involving Krone vehicles at its test centre for many years. The elaborate series of tests aimed at saving fuel and reducing CO2 emissions will continue in 2021. For this purpose, Krone is supplying another specially equipped Dry Liner for the Swedish test centre this year.

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