Volvo Buses continues its global electromobility journey in Latin America

Volvo Buses has begun the first demonstration of its 100% electric city bus in real operation in Latin America. The Volvo BZL Electric will run on two routes in Curitiba, Brazil, which connect dozens of neighbourhoods, transporting 135,000 passengers daily and integrating with the city's BRT in several terminals. Further demonstrations of the Volvo BZL Electric will follow in São Paulo, Bogotá, Colombia and Santiago, Chile.

“These electric buses represent another step on our electrification journey. We have a zero vision – zero emissions, zero noise, zero accidents and zero congestion – and we are fully committed to creating sustainable people transport solutions,” says André Marques, President of Volvo Buses in Latin America.

The demonstration in Curitiba is meeting the requirements of URBS, the public transport authority overseeing the acquisition of electric buses for the city from 2024. During the demonstration, important assessments of key factors, such as energy consumption, autonomy, noise level and vehicle performance within the city’s topography will be carried out.

“The performance of Volvo electric buses in Europe and in several countries on other continents is very positive. Now we are going to show that this performance will be repeated in the challenging conditions we have in Latin America,” says Alexandre Selski, Director of Electromobility at Volvo Buses in Latin America.

The Volvo BZL Electric 4×2 chassis is intended for urban and metropolitan operations, and it is equipped with 94kWh batteries. The Curitiba demonstration vehicle has four batteries, it is powered by a 200kW electric motor, and for the demonstration it is built in accordance with URBS requirements for electric buses. The vehicle is 12.6 meters long and carries up to 80 passengers. It will operate throughout the day and charge at night.

The Volvo BZL Electric features Zone Management to automatically lower speed in sensitive locations, such as schools, indoor terminals and busy urban areas. When it was first introduced on bi-articulated vehicles in Curitiba in 2018, it reduced accidents by 50% in the first year.

Further demonstrations of the Volvo BZL Electric are scheduled in São Paulo, Bogotá, Colombia and Santiago, Chile, continuing Volvo Buses’ electromobility journey in Latin America.

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