Volvo Launches 9700 DD Double Decker for Europe

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After having introduced last year its new Volvo 9700 DD doubledecker for Scandinavian countries, Volvo is now introducing the European version. The Scandinavian 9700 DD is 4.25 high were the maximum height in other European countries is 4 metres. Volvo has designed the double decker for line haul and tourist operations.

The Volvo 9700 DD is part of the Volvo product range together with the Volvo 9700 and the award-winning Volvo 9900. The 4-metre Volvo 9700 DD is fitted with a Volvo D11K460 engine – that has Volvo’s

11-litre 460 hp engine certified to run on Diesel, HVO and Biodiesel (B100) and it is bodied by Carrus Delta OY of Finland.

The new double decker can carry up to 96 passengers. The coach is equipped with Volvo’s in-house designed ergonomic seats and a climate system featuring separate zones for passengers and driver. Door openings, centre aisle, stairs and roof height both upstairs and downstairs are all dimensioned for quick boarding and exiting.

The Volvo 9700 DD is equipped with several active safety systems such as electronically controlled brakes, electronic stability system and anti-skid system. The driver also benefits from Driver Alert Support, Lane Keeping Assistance and Collision Warning with Emergency Braking. Also the driving properties are according to Volvo enhanced by improved suspension and damping allied to an ultra-light body. Enhanced connectivity makes real-time monitoring possible including servicing planning. The possibility for Zone Management – using a computer to regulate vehicle speed in sensitive areas – improves safety and lower fuel consumption.

“With the launch of the Volvo 9700 DD for European operations we have a comprehensive range of line haul- and tourist buses with a wide variety of versions for customers to choose between. We have already received several orders for the double decker from the Nordic market and it is very gratifying that we will now also be able to offer other European customers this premium class express and tourist bus,” says Ulf Magnusson, Senior Vice President, Business Unit Europe, at Volvo Buses.

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