BYD electric buses delivered in Japan’s Hokkaido

Chinese automaker BYD has delivered a batch of electric buses to the city of Kitahiroshima, Hokkaido prefecture, amid the region's electrification and carbon neutral efforts.

BYD electric buses delivered in Japan’s Hokkaido

The buses, five in total, will function as shuttle buses between Hokkaido Ballpark F Village, a local sports and leisure complex, and Japan Railways Kitahiroshima Station, This marked the first delivery of electric buses in Hokkaido by BYD JAPAN Co., Ltd..

The shuttle buses will start operation on March 14, when an open game will be held, allowing visitors to travel between the station and the village’s major facility of Es Con Field Hokkaido, the new home stadium of the famous Japanese baseball team Nippon Ham Fighters.

The stadium will be officially put to use by the end of March.

Tailored to echo the stadium design, the elderly-friendly buses are black with bright blue lines and can carry up to 80 passengers each.

Hokkaido Bus Company, as the operator of BYD electric buses, introduced electric buses for the first time.The company’s president, Harunari Nishimura, said that due to the low penetration rate of electric buses in Japan, Hokkaido has almost no relevant experience, so such an introduction is of great significance.

Choosing BYD electric buses can contribute to local carbon neutrality, and these electric buses can contribute to emergency evacuation in case of emergency, said Maezawa Ken, executive director and business operation general manager of Fighters Sports & Entertainment, or the operator of the village.

BYD electric buses

At a delivery ceremony held on Saturday, Ken told Xinhua that given the variety of BYD models, the company would like to introduce more BYD electric vehicles to promote environmental protection in the future.

“There will be many Chinese tourists visiting Hokkaido in the future, and I hope they will see BYD electric buses driving on the roads of Hokkaido here,” he said.

“I eagerly look forward to the arrival of Chinese tourists as soon as possible, to travel by BYD electric buses and feel the atmosphere and charm of baseball games,” Ken added.

Located between the city of Sapporo and New Chitose Airport, Hokkaido Ballpark F Village is open to the public all year round, offering a variety of recreational programs for tourists in Hokkaido.

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