Dr. Tono Nasch New Member of the KRONE Group Supervisory Board 

To meet the challenges of electrification, automation, sustainability and digitisation strategically and even more intensively, entrepreneur Dr. Tono Nasch has been called as an additional member of the KRONE Group Supervisory Board effective 01/06/2023. The 53-year-old managing partner of ISP, a family-owned business in Salzbergen, Germany, brings his comprehensive know-how in automated testing technology and electromobility to the Supervisory Board.

Dr. Tono Nasch New Member of the KRONE Group Supervisory Board 

ISP is recognised as a professional service provider for testing fuels and lubricants – also for trials of current and future vehicle drives, having quickly made a name for itself as an internationally known test institute.

With Bernard Krone as chairman, the committee now consists of six members. Alfons Veer, financial expert and Vice Chairman of the Supervisory Board, has a wealth of experience from managerial assignments and makes a substantial contribution to safeguarding the financial strategy of the KRONE Group. Farmer and long-time chairman of internationally active companies in seed cultivation, Baron Philip von dem Bussche offers a strategic and panoramic view to provide essential insights into the processes of agriculture for evaluating constantly changing conditions. Family entrepreneur Dr. Wilhelm-Friedrich Holtgrave, whose company has specialised in processing and testing cover fabrics, brings valuable expertise acquired over many years in logistics and company management to the committee. Bernd Meerpohl, a globally recognised expert in livestock farming technology and owner of a world market-leading company specialising in technical equipment for livestock stables, brings to bear comprehensive experience in the agricultural sector and a consistent alignment to quality and innovation to point out new approaches to the further technological development of the KRONE Group.


“Dr. Nasch’s experience is the perfect complement to the existing competencies of the members of our Supervisory Board,” says Bernard Krone. “We are looking forward to making use of his expertise to forge ahead with growth and innovative power in our group of companies. By joining our committee he has truly enriched it.”

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