Italian bus&coach market took off in high gear in first half of 2023: +81%

+81 per cent. This is the growth registered by the Italian bus&coach market (over 8 tonnes) in the first half of 2023 compared to the same period in 2022. All according to data from the ANFIA statistics portal, elaborated by specialized media Autobusweb.

Italian bus&coach market took off in high gear in first half of 2023: +81%

Let the numbers speak for themselves: 1,933 buses registered compared to 1,068 in the first half of 2022. Intercity buses are always on the first row: they cover half of the registered vehicles. Coaches? +50%.

Italian bus and coach market 2023, growing!

A look at the main players. Iveco Bus posted a handsome +52 per cent, with 771 vehicles delivered compared to 506 in 2022. Numbers that ensure it retains first place in the ranking for registrations volumes. Registrations of the Class 2 champion Crossways doubled (from 242 to 484). Excellent performance also for Daimler Buses, with 339 Mercedes-Benz buses (half of which Citaro) and 172 Setra buses registered: +132 per cent for the Star, even more than tenfold volumes for the Ulm-based company, with 72 touring coaches.

MAN doubled: 172 buses registered. Scania also did well. In short, with similar growth figures, nobody lost volumes. Except for Industria Italiana Autobus: from 64 to 18 registered vehicles. -72 per cent. An eye on market share: the shares of the two leaders contracted slightly. Exploit for Setra.

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