Krone eTrailer saves over 40 per cent diesel!

To determine the savings potential of the eTrailer, Krone, Trailer Dynamics and DB Schenker conducted a joint field test in spring 2023. In real transport operations at DB Schenker France, the combination of diesel tractor unit and Krone eTrailer (M300) consumed over 40 per cent less fuel than a tractor unit with a conventional trailer.

Krone eTrailer saves over 40 per cent diesel!

Another comparative drive took place between two electric tractor units (eActros 300), each in combination with an eTrailer and a conventional trailer, in regular operational use at DHL. Here, the eActros/eTrailer combination achieved a range of 650 km and thus proved that it can significantly extend the range.


Abdullah Jaber, CEO of Trailer Dynamics, also uses the impressive test results for the further development of the Trailer Dynamics simulation models: “Our digital simulation performance tool has now been verified several times by real comparison drives. This enables us to digitally simulate our customers’ individual routes and use cases with the eTrailer in combination with a diesel or battery- electric tractor unit. With this consulting tool, we can present the eTrailer management, the eTrailer configuration as well as the expected consumption values and offer our customers a very solid basis for decision-making.”

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