Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicle Center in Haan opened

Company-owned sales and service locations (Own Retail) are an important part of Mercedes-Benz Trucks' sales strategy in Europe. To strengthen the sales network in western Germany, the Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicle Center in Haan - located between Wuppertal, Düsseldorf and Leverkusen - was opened last Friday after a construction period of one and a half years. From now on, around 70 employees will be looking after the needs of commercial vehicle customers in the region.

Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicle Center in Haan opened

State-of-the-art technology workplaces on 6,200 square meters

With light-flooded rooms and the latest technology, the Commercial Vehicle Center in Haan has been built to the latest standards as a sales base for Mercedes-Benz and FUSO trucks on a good 40,000 square meters of land and with around 6,200 square meters of usable space. The location will also function as a rental base for CharterWay vehicles. In service and after-sales, the target group also includes commercial van customers as well as Mercedes-Benz and Setra bus customers (service brand OmniPlus).

Another innovation in Haan is a state-of-the-art workstation for working on the roofs of buses – this is particularly relevant for the electric Mercedes-Benz eCitaro city bus, as it carries its batteries on the roof. Naturally, electric charging stations have also been planned at the site. In addition to four charging columns with a maximum of 300 kW DC current (high-power charger) for charging electric trucks and buses, several AC charging stations will also be available for vans and passenger cars.

Mercedes-Benz eCitaro city bus

The site’s location directly on the A46, Haan-East junction, provides optimum access to the existing infrastructure – also for long-distance traffic.

Sustainability at the site

The new location was built using a construction method that ensures a supply largely from renewable energies. In addition to a biological water treatment plant, a large-scale photovoltaic system will be installed on the roof in the future.

The Own Retail network in Europe

The company currently employs a total of around 2,000 people at around 20 Own Retail locations in Germany. In the rest of Europe, there are twelve more Own Retail locations in Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Poland and the Czech Republic with a total of around 800 employees.

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