Anadolu Isuzu was center stage at IAA Commercial Vehicles

Anadolu Isuzu participated to 66th IAA Commercial Vehicles, which was held in Germany between 22nd – 29th of September 2016. The company exhibited six Isuzu buses and coaches in its 866 m2 stand at Hall 11.

During the show Anadolu Isuzu exhibited Citiport (12 meter bus), Citibus (9.5 meter bus), NovoCiti (7.5 meter midibus), Visigo (9.5 meter coach), Turquoise (7.7 meter midicoach), and Novo (7.3 meter midicoach).Citiport (8)

Anadolu Isuzu Sales& Marketing Director, Fatih Tamay, held a press meeting on 21st of September. In his speech Mr. Tamay informed the members of the press about his company’s new global vision in order to achieve a stable and sustainable growth in coming years.

Mr. Tamay expressed that “This global vision will certainly be built on company’s previous export success and experience. But this time, there is a critical difference compared to the export activities operated until today. A more global vision means, a higher commitment for pushing the brand and the company beyond their limits. I summarize the new era with two, mutually complementary, concepts: “Expansion” and “Adaptation”… Namely, expanding into the new global markets and adapting to these new markets with most suitable way”.

As a company, producing commercial vehicles with the license of a world-class Japanese brand in the European region, Anadolu Isuzu drives all its production processes according to the world’s famous Japanese quality management systems and the European Union’s quality standards and regulations. The inevitable results are the products manufactured at the global standards of excellence.

Anadolu Isuzu’s export activities cover 27 countries in three continents. Majority of these markets are subject to the European Union regulations.


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