OKT Trailer is exposing “Trailer Manufacturing Power of Turkey” with its innovative vehicles at IAA Commercial Vehicles Fair

OKT Trailer which is among the leading brands in trailer sector in Turkey took its place at 66th IAA Commercial Vehicles Fair. OKT Trailer which breaks new grounds in Turkish trailer industry and has innovative vehicles, is closely introducing its renewed Aluminium Conical Tanker Semi Trailer and W Type Bulk Carrier Semi Trailer products to its customers operating in different fields of transport.

OKT reveals “Trailer Manufacturing Power of Turkey” at 66th IAA Commercial Vehicles Fair among the world’s giants with its innovative designs, keeping safety at the forefront, preventing the loss of property and protecting the environment.

Hakan Maraş: OKT Trailer – One of the Leading Manufacturing Powers of Turkish Trailer Sector

Mr. Maraş indicated that Turkey today is Europe’s 3rd biggest market of trailer production with its manufacturing and sales volume and said “We play an important part in this success of our country as OKT Trailer with our almost 35 year experience, power to manufacture the unproductable and constantly expanding range of products“.

We are dealing with different needs and expectations of our customers with a tailor-made special sensitivity with our designs that highlights confidence and driving comfort, as the competition gradually increases and the habits change in the transport and logistics sector.

As we synchronize our production enthusiasm with R&D and information technology in parallel with the world of technology, inside the innovation outside the known, we offer a sustainable, integrated value to the vehicle owners and users and even to their customers with our product and service quality.

Today, we bring our engineering art to 35 countries with the same quality line. Every day we try to reach at a new point on earth with the brand of OKT Trailer, to make the name of our country in new markets and to increase our added value to the Turkish Trailer industry.”

Aluminium Conical Tanker Semi Trailer: This is A Body Show

Aluminium Conical Tanker Semi Trailer which is indispensable in the fuel and chemical logistics with unique OKT features such as transverse joints, solid plate body structure, the minimum number of joints that allows the use of high strength and long life, is ADR certified, has 5 compartments and 38,000 lt. of design capacity.

Drop downs made by a deep drawing method on the tanker, at the bottom of the tank provide full discharge in a way that no product remains. Recessed manhole throats, protect the armatures against possible tipping and bumps. Also equipment on the manhole cover has a protective cover against seasonal weather conditions (rain, snow, sun and dust).

Aluminium W Type Bulk Carrier Semi Trailer: Concrete-Solid

Aluminium W Type Bulk Carrier Semi Trailer that provides ease of use with its lightweight and ergonomy is a high-performance product that gives confidence with special welding technology, in accordance with 97/23/EC Pressure Equipment Directive.

Grouped, defined and systematic discharge line installation, allows for an ergonomic, easily accessible, controlled and rapid intervention. Intervenable lower discharge hoppers are fast and easy to use with a camlock connection against any blockage. It allows easy cleaning inside the body. Direct bottom discharge piping without elbows is fast, reduces wear and prevents clogging.

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