Scania introduces new nine-litre engines and cabs

Scania R 490 4x2 Streamline, Topline cab. Photo: Göran Wink 2012

Following the launch of the S Series in 2017, Scania said the focus was on connected services, products for long-distance operations and sustainability – with some of the innovations made in other areas held back until now.

“Scania has significantly more on its introduction schedule for 2017 than there was during the extremely intense 2016 launch,” commented Alexander Vlaskamp, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing, adding that the response to the new generation vehicles has been “extremely” positive.

“We’re now rapidly filling our new range with products and services so that the majority of customers can tailor solutions around Scania’s new generation of trucks, regardless of what application their truck is used for.”

According to Vlaskamp, a number of services and performance enhancements are also being introduced, most of which aimed at improving productivity and total operating economy for long-distance and forestry trucks.

“I can reveal that we will be focusing particularly on those applications operating with the toughest challenges, and also on how Scania’s focus on tailor-made solutions can grow customers’ profitability.”

In line with Vlaskamp’s ambitious agenda, Scania Australia told CRTNews that both the new G cab range and the nine-litre engines can be expected here “in due course”, but no indication on actual timing or range specification for our market is available at this stage.

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