Truck Parking Europe in the FleetBoard store for apps

At IAA Commercial Vehicles 2016, telematics provider Daimler FleetBoard will present the new FleetBoard store for apps. It was deliberately conceived as an open platform to offer partners in the sector the opportunity to contribute useful apps for everyone involved in the transport industry, thereby improving the overall efficiency of road freight transport. Here, customers will now be able to find Truck Parking Europe.

The app shows truck drivers across Europe the best, most secure and available parking areas for trucks along their route. This saves time, enables efficient planning of rest periods and improves truck drivers’ safety. The parking options can be rated by the community of over 250,000 European truck drivers.

FleetBoard customers can simply search for the Truck Parking Europe app from their work station and send it “over the air” to their fleet – to individual trucks, multiple trucks or the even the entire fleet, as they wish. The truck driver accesses the available apps using the driver tablet, the FleetBoard “With Truck Parking Europe, we support truck drivers every day. The collaboration with Daimler FleetBoard takes us further in increasing the efficiency of the logistics sector,” comments Niels de Zwaan, Managing Director Truck Parking Europe. All apps offered in the Fleetboard store undergo a quality assurance process, ensuring that they meet FleetBoard’s high security standards.

PTV. The Mind of Movement

PTV Group plans and optimises everything that moves people and goods worldwide – be it transport routes, distribution structures or private and public transport. The company offers software, data, content, consulting and research. Thanks to expert knowledge in traffic and transport planning, PTV occupies a unique position.

Environmentally-compatible and cost-effective mobility requires finely-tuned coordination of flows of traffic and goods, so that people and products can reach their destinations safely and efficiently. The focus here is on road safety, climate protection and future-proof mobility concepts. PTV solutions in transport logistics, traffic planning and traffic management help to achieve this, even in real time.

In the Logistics business field, PTV’s portfolio ranges from software for scheduling transport routes and trips to distribution planning and fleet management, including truck navigation and parking. A special online service provides real-time transparency during the transport process and across the entire supply chain. In the Traffic business field, PTV offers software, data and scientific techniques for modelling and simulating traffic networks. This helps traffic and city planners in over 120 countries to organise optimal traffic flow.

PTV’s headquarters have been located in Karlsruhe – a centre of innovation and development – since the company was founded in 1979. Around 600 employees around the world are working on powerful solutions for public administration, government departments, trade and industry.

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