Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is the right way for Hireway

Based in Wishaw, Lanarkshire, Hireway operates a mixed fleet of 70 Transporters and Caddys, which are in regular use by businesses in the electrical, plumbing, heating, repair and maintenance industries, for use in everyday jobs and for transporting equipment and tools.

Supplied by Edinburgh Van Centre, the vehicles have been chosen for their reliability and excellent residual values. Working in partnership with Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Hireway can offer longer-term rental customers the option of having racking or towbars fitted to suit their specific fleet requirements.

Hireway will use the vehicles to offer short, medium and long-term rentals. The design, practicality and load carrying capability of both the Transporter and Caddy allow the company to meet a wide range of customer load capacity needs.

Following this deal, Hireway is looking to secure further fleet additions from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and has been impressed by the brand’s aftersales support and ease of purchase.

Christy McTear, operations manager at Hireway, said: “Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is the perfect partner with which to expand our business and we couldn’t be happier to take on 50 vehicles.

“Both the Transporter and Caddy are ideal vehicles for the businesses we supply, and with the option of being racked out or having towbars fitted, they can accommodate our varied customer requirements and needs. The ease of the deal has been exceptional and with Hireway looking to expand in the future, we would love to look into extending our partnership with Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles later this year.”

Hireway is a new company formed by Christy McTear in October 2016.

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