Thermo King Unveils Intelligent Solutions for the Future of Refrigerated Transport at the IAA Commercial Vehicles Show 2016

Thermo King, a manufacturer of transport temperature control solutions for a variety of mobile applications and a brand of Ingersoll Rand, will showcase the future of transport refrigeration with new innovations at the IAA Commercial Vehicles Show on Sept. 22-29 in Hannover, Germany.

“Innovation goes beyond simply creating new products,” said Karin De Bondt, vice president and general manager for Truck, Trailer and Bus at Thermo King in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). “It is about addressing unique customer needs through connectivity, data-driven intelligence, real-user insights, and the ability to merge new and emerging technologies later based upon customer needs.”

“Today at the IAA, Thermo King is introducing a series of truck and trailer solutions including the new SLXi single- and multi-temperature trailer refrigeration platform designed to answer today’s demands for fuel efficiency, intelligence, connectivity and sustainability.”

Thermo King SLXi_1

SLXi Platform of Trailer Refrigeration Units: up to 20 percent fuel savings and telematics as standard

The SLXi platform of single- and multi-temperature trailer refrigeration units were developed with an expanded focus on the unit’s intelligence, communication capabilities, fuel consumption and temperature management.

“We collaborated with hundreds of customers and dealers to understand the actual ambient conditions, temperatures and operating models for different types of cargo in daily use,” said David O’Gorman, product manager at Thermo King. “We listened and then spent thousands of hours on research and development to design new features and enhancements for the next level of refrigerant trailer unit platform, the SLXi.”

Key differentiators of the SLXi include:

  • Greater fuel efficiency in real-world operating conditions: The SXLi range includes tailorable operational parameters to meet customer needs, application and ambient conditions. The customized profile conditions create optimized performance and fuel savings of 10 to 20 percent, compared with its predecessor.
  • 24/7 connectivity with telematics as standard: Leveraging the October 2015 acquisition of Celtrak, the SLXi is the industry’s first fully telematics-enabled refrigerated trailer unit, delivering full visibility of the unit and load condition with Thermo King’s new TK BlueBox communication device and Bluetooth® as standard.
  • Remote unit management and data access: The TK BlueBox collects and stores unit data, which can be accessed through a free app on smart phone or Bluetooth-enabled device. This provides two-way communication that enables real-time unit management and access to critical data. Users can manage defrost, pre-trip, set point and additional operating mode settings remotely without a contract or subscription.
  • Enhanced Temperature Control: thanks to the enhanced SR-3 Controller, both set point control and temperature displays provide accuracy in increments of 0.1 degrees Celsius.
    • Greater temperature control and optimized fuel efficiency due to more flexible and broader temperature bands in Cycle Sentry mode.
    • In multi-temperature models, Precision Temperature Control (PTC) effectively reduces temperature deviation by 80 percent over previous technology and, dependent on operating conditions, will maintain compartment temperature within about 0.15 degrees Celsius. PTC provides an automatic pre-set of the capacity modulation and the temperature control to secure an optimum environment in the center and rear trailer compartments, where 95 percent of customers transport fresh products.
  • Lower environmental impact: The new SLXi range is loaded with features that allow transport companies to substantially reduce the environmental footprint:
  • Lower engine speeds and lower fuel consumption due to the 27 percent larger condenser coil.
  • Annual CO2 emissions of the SLXi have been cut by 2.4 tons and NOx exhaust emissions reduced by 15 percent compared to its predecessor.
  • R-452A refrigerant lowers the global warming potential (GWP) approximately by half compared to the incumbent R-404A.

To further enhance customer and industry choices, the SLXi design offers flexibility and opportunities to merge additional technologies later.

 Thermo King SLXi_6

Thermo King hybrid concept

Presented for the first time at IAA 2016, the new Hybrid Drive Trailer concept combines the proven expertise and technologies from both Thermo King and FRIGOBLOCK and will become part of the SLXi refrigerated trailer platform. The Hybrid Drive Trailer concept offers additional fuel and operational savings, as well as low emission and noise levels enabling transport companies access to inner city areas and restricted zones.

The Thermo King Hybrid Drive allows a refrigerated semi-trailer attached to a tractor with a FRIGOBLOCK Enviro Drive inverter filter to run electrically. This enables the trailer refrigeration unit to be powered as a hybrid drive, by either the electric alternator or through its own independent diesel engine.

This innovative solution combines the alternator and the diesel engine to offer a potential reduction of 5,000 liters of fuel per year in companies with demanding distribution operations, which equals annual savings of approximately EUR 5,000 based on average diesel price of EUR 1.00 per liter.

Standard TK BlueBox telematics system stores the data and provides ability for two-way communication to ensure that the load is protected at all times and the geo-location feature will automatically switch the power between diesel and truck Enviro Drive as required or necessary.

“FRIGOBLOCK and Celtrak technologies have broadened Thermo King’s industry-leading research and development capabilities by adding complimentary technology in areas such as hybrid, non-diesel, and operational intelligence solutions,” De Bondt said. “These capabilities, combined with Thermo King’s proven track record of dependable, industry-leading technology, have accelerated new innovations that meet and adapt to unique customer needs and provide sustainable solutions for the refrigerated transport sector.“

Thermo King SLXi_7

UT Spectrum: the UT-Series multi-temperature truck unit

Designed to meet the needs of urban distributers who require multiple temperature zones, the new UT Spectrum unit extends the range of the UT-Series platform of products. The UT-Series offers under-mount refrigeration units for truck and drawbar trailer applications.

The UT Spectrum unit provides total protection for both fresh and frozen goods in a range of two and three compartment configurations while meeting low noise requirements faced by distribution operations. These zone configurations ensure great flexibility to meet operational needs, minimizing cost and optimizing the distribution logistics of temperature sensitive goods.

Developed to minimize environmental impact while delivering significant efficiency gains and a lower total cost of ownership, the UT Spectrum offers proven reliability, reduced operating and maintenance costs, and low emissions.

All Thermo King products come with R-452A refrigerant as standard and is part of the Ingersoll Rand EcoWise™ portfolio of products designed to lower environmental impact with next-generation, low-GWP refrigerants and high efficiency operation.

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